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United for a world free from sexual exploitation!

Embrace Dignity

Embrace Dignity is a South African, feminist and human rights advocacy NGO that was established in 2010 and sets out to challenge gendered power inequalities that continue to oppress women and girls through prostitution, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse. This is done by strengthening support systems for women and girls who want to leave prostitution, examining men’s demand for prostitution and by creating a social consciousness about the economic and social conditions of these women and girls through law reform and community advocacy programs. Embrace Dignity is committed to addressing the root causes of prostitution and strongly believes that prostitution is inherently exploitative, invariably damaging and inextricably linked to the ubiquitous problem of violence against women and children and human trafficking in a society that is essentially patriarchal. It sees its role as standing with survivors (adult women) who have been rendered vulnerable to prostitution by their economic and social status and to support their exit from prostitution. The organisation does this by providing prompt, appropriate and comprehensive support to survivors, raising public awareness about the harms of prostitution, supporting survivor leadership, and advocating for legal and policy reforms that focuses on demand by criminalising the purchaser and providing greater protection for survivors to exit.