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United for a world free from sexual exploitation!

MARES A.C. (Asociación de mujeres libres)

Asociación de mujeres libres works in poor communities of Tijuana, border area from Latin America to the USA particularly impacted by prostitution and trafficking. The organization implements an ambitious prevention/sensitization programme in high schools located in the most marginalized communities. The students are empowered in developing their own projects on prostitution and human trafficking, on various forms (creating a talk show etc.) MARES A.C. also implements support services for women in prostitution, through a housing programme, where women are sheltered in flats or in host families with their children. Mares A.C. also carries out 3 outreach sessions per week in red light districts and operates a school for the children of women in prostitution.  In terms of advocacy, the Asociación de mujeres libres works to change the regulations on prostitution both at the city, State and federal level.