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Mouvement du Nid

Founded in 1946, Mouvement du Nid is a French NGO providing assistance to thousands of prostituted persons and victims of trafficking, through frontline offices in 26 cities. The organisation reaches out to more than 5000 women, men and children affected by prostitution. Mouvement du Nid offers all- encompassing human support, including social, psychological, legal and medical services. It also supports access to justice, housing, and to employment. Every year, Mouvement du Nid organizes training sessions for 3000 professionals (social workers, police officers, judges and lawyers), and carries prevention and educational programmes with more than 20000 teenagers. In cooperation with 60 women’s rights NGOs and with survivors of prostitution, Mouvement du Nid has coordinated the French advocacy strategy towards the adoption of an all-encompassing and consistent abolitionist legislation in France.