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Unidos por un mundo libre de la explotación sexual!

3rd World Congress against the sexual exploitation of women and girls

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After Paris (2014) and New-Delhi (2017), CAP international and its 27 member organisations from 22 countries will hold their 3rd World Congress against the sexual exploitation of women and girls in Mainz.

​This Congress is hosted by SOLWODI, German member organisation of CAP intl, Armut und Gesundheit e.V., and organised with the support and participation of the whole abolitionist movement in Germany.

The Congress will be opened by a Survivors’ Day on the 2nd of April in the afternoon. An extraordinary group of prostitution survivors from Germany and all over the world will call on German’s authorities to fully revisit their harmful public policies on prostitution. An international public conference will then gather, on the 3rd and 4th, 300 participants and 40 speakers from 30 countries, including:

– Survivors of prostitution and trafficking,
– Representatives of domestic, regional and international abolitionist NGOs
– Renowned academics and journalists
– Ministers and Members of Parliaments
– Representatives of Intergovernmental organisations

This public conference will address the realities of prostitution and sexual exploitation in the world, their severe impact on health, and their consequences on sexual violence and gender inequalities. It will also highlight the extremely preoccupying situation in Germany, the “brothel of Europe”. With this World Congress, the organizers aim to raise awareness and empathy in order to break the isolation, indifference, exploitation and discrimination faced by hundred of thousands victims of prostitution and trafficking for sexual exploitation.

International and German NGOs will formulate together concrete recommendations to put an end to the exceptionally high level of impunity enjoyed by sexual exploiters and abusers and to create the conditions for prostitution and exploitation-free societies.