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Unidos por un mundo libre de la explotación sexual!

France and Sweden launch a historic joint diplomatic abolitionist initiative

On International Women’s Day, France and Sweden have announced the launch of a joint diplomatic initiative aimed at eliminating trafficking for sexual exploitation and the exploitation of prostitution of women and girls.

In their joint declaration, Ministers Le Drian and Wallström explain how their States intend to promote the abolitionist model as the best response to trafficking for sexual exploitation: “The main focus of our common strategy will be the need to reduce the demand for girls and women in prostitution, in Europe and globally. The reason for this is the clear nexus between trafficking for sexual exploitation and prostitution. A nexus that is well described in numerous studies and also highlighted by the European Parliament in resolution (2013/2103(INI)) on sexual exploitation and prostitution and its impact on gender equality. Trafficking for sexual exploitation will continue as long as there is a demand for girls and women in prostitution. Therefore, focusing on reducing demand will be an important measure for combating trafficking for sexual exploitation, for combating violence against women and children and for enhanced gender equality”.

CAP international has worked for a long time with these two countries and welcomes this historic step towards a global abolitionist movement against the sexual exploitation of women and girls.

You can find the joint statement here.