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United for a world free from sexual exploitation!


Talita is a non-profit organization ​in Sweden ​offering both acute and long​-​term support to women who have been exploited in prostitution, pornography or human trafficking for sexual purposes.​ ​Talita ​runs safe houses in Sweden, Mongolia and Romania​ where we ​offer​ ​a one-year program​ for our target group​​. ​​We have formed a method for rehabilitation that consists of: safe housing, trauma therapy, psychoeducation, planning for the future and transition to independent living and integration into society. We strive after a holistic approach to each woman’s situation and we aspire to create a safe place where new hope can be formed. Talita’s motto is​​ to ​​see the whole person, ​​help her the entire way, ​​regardless of where she has been exploited and ​​regardless of whether or not someone pays for her ​stay at Talita.​ ​