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United for a world free from sexual exploitation!

Who we are

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The Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution (CAP International) is an advocacy vehicle for frontline NGOs and a global convener for change.

The fundamental objective of CAP International is to advocate for the adoption and implementation of 1) progressive domestic legislation and 2) international standards that amplify efforts to:

  • eliminate sexual exploitation of women and girls;
  • deliver effective protection, support and exit options to prostituted persons and victims of trafficking;
  • empower frontline services and survivors of prostitution.

The 33 members of CAP International provide direct assistance to victims of prostitution and sexual exploitation in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle-East and Africa. Our members work with, or are founded by, survivors of prostitution.

CAP international empowers its members in their capacity to obtain progressive legal reforms in their countries and to be heard internationally.

To do so, its members, with the expertise of its Secretariat, define the strategy and priorities of CAP international. Our General Assembly and Board are indeed composed only with elected representatives of our member organizations. CAP international is thus an international abolitionist organization effectively driven by its domestic NGO members.

CAP international members advocate for policies based around five core principles:

  • Decriminalisation of prostituted persons;
  • Protection, support and exit options for all prostituted persons;
  • No impunity for traffickers, pimps and sex buyers;
  • Criminalisation of the purchase of all sexual acts;
  • Training for professionals, prevention measures and education for young people.


Our 33 members are the driving force of our coalition, and are based in 27 countries across the globe. They make up CAP International’s General Assembly and vote on the budget, and strategic priorities, and elect the Board every two years.

Our Board is the key decision making body made up of nine individuals, each representing one member organisation.

Meet the BoardMeet the Secretariat

Our International Secretariat, with headquarters in Paris and an operational office in Brussels, liaises with members and the Board, implementing Board decisions and facilitating communication with our members.

Sarah Benson – Ruhama (Ireland) Chair
Rita Hernandez – Comision Unidos vs Trata (Mexico) Vice Chair
Yves Scelles Treasurer
Claire Quidet – Mouvement du Nid (France) Secretary
Ghada Jabbour – KAFA (Lebanon) Member of Executive Board
Ruchira Gupta – Apne Aap (India) Board Member
Lynda Dearlove – Women@thewell (UK) Board Member
Iluta Lace – Marta Center (Latvia) Board Member
Diane Matte – La CLES (Canada) Board Member
Philippe Scelles – Fondation Scelles (France) Board Member
Grégoire Théry Executive Director
Zala Žbogar Communications & Campaigns Officer

Annual Report 2017

Read an overview of our activities in 2017.


We are generously supported by contributions from private individuals and private foundations.

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Mobilising in solidarity

CAP International stands in solidarity with all of the exceptional women who speak out against sexual exploitation and violence. In particular, we would like to honour Nadia Murad Bassee, survivor of sexual slavery under ISIS, for her advocacy calling for an end to the Yazidi genocide committed by ISIS.

CAP international’s second World Congress Against Sexual Exploitation was held in solidarity with, and dedicated to, Yazidi women and girls held captive and sexually enslaved by Daesh.