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United for a world free from sexual exploitation!

Parliamentarians for Abolition

The fundamental objective of CAP International is the adoption and implementation of abolitionist legislation and standards around the world, which have proven their effectiveness through the Nordic abolitionist model led by Sweden, a pioneer in gender equality, Norway and Iceland.

This model is based primarily on the decriminalization of people in prostitution by abolishing all repressive measures against them and the implementation of holistic support, protection measures and the creation of pathways out of prostitution. It also calls for the effective criminalization of pimps and buyers of sexual acts.

At the national level, achieving these progressive legal reforms on prostitution and trafficking requires identifying and mobilizing parliamentary champions. Experience shows that multiparty alliances of MPs, even in limited numbers, are a key factor in the success of abolitionist legislation.

Our “Parliamentarians for Abolition” campaign aims, in this context, to mobilize hundreds of parliamentarians from different countries to exchange best practices on the adoption and implementation of abolitionist policies in their respective countries.

Our coalition thus acts by strengthening international cooperation in the adoption of comprehensive and coherent public policies to more effectively combat human trafficking and the exploitation of prostitution of women and girls around the world.