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CAP Congress 2014: Trade unions on why prostitution is not sex work

At CAP international’s first International Abolitionist Congress at the French Parliament in Paris, in November 2014, a panel of trade unionists, alongside decision makers, survivors of prostitution, representatives of indigenous and discriminated-against communities and NGOs, denounced the exploitation of some of the most vulnerable groups in society through prostitution.

In this panel, several trade unions representatives, in charge of workers’ defense and protection, explain why prostitution cannot be considered “sex work”.

Speakers included:

Chair: Yves Charpenel, President of Fondation Scelles, Deputy General Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of France

Véronique de Sève, Vice President of the executive committee, CSN (Canada)

Edward Mathews, Director of Regulation and Social Policy, INMO (Ireland)

Sabine Reynosa, Representative of Women’s committee, CGT (France)

Listen in English:

Listen in French: