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VIDEO: In the UK, female trade unionists stand against the system of prostitution

In September 2017, several female representatives gave powerful statements on their trade unions’ analysis of the system of prostitution in the UK during the TUC Congress.

Their message: prostitution cannot be considered decent work.

These statements were backed by a recent decision of the UK Trade Union Congress’ Women’s Conference to support the abolitionist Nordic Model on prostitution. The delegates highlighted the importance of respecting and listening to women’s representation and structures within the trade union movement.

British trade unions overwhelmingly rejected a motion proposed by ASLEF, a male-dominated train drivers’ union, to fully decriminalize the sex industry, including pimps, brothel owners and sex buyers, during the Trade Union Congress.

CAP Intl is coordinating an international campaign to identify and mobilise abolitionist trade unions. For more information, read about our decent work campaign or email us at contact@cap-international.org!