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United for a world free from sexual exploitation!


Stígamót is a feminist NGO, working with survivors of any kind of sexual violence, including rape, incest, sexual harassment, prostitution and trafficking. We have two equally important goals. One is to provide help to self-help for survivors, both by counselling sessions and by running closed self- help groups with trained leaders. The other equally important goal is to do feminist society work, which includes activism, training, lobbyism, and international work.

For women in prostitution we provide counselling sessions and we run the so-called Swan groups led by two persons, a survivor and a psychologist. In each group there are 4-6 women and they have 15 closed meetings, where they explore different aspects of prostitution. In 2018, 28 women that had been in prostitution used our services. Out of 28, 13 women came for the first time in 2018; the others had also been at Stígamót the year before.

Regarding our activism against prostitution and trafficking, there are the example of Operation Big Sister. Iceland had banned the buying of women, but the law was not implemented. Therefore, we infiltrated the prostitution marked, put in ads about prostitution, found the names, and contact info of almost 200 Icelandic men who tried to buy prostitution from us. We called the media and together with journalists from all media, channels we handed over the names to the police who was supposed to look for them and only a short while after, suddenly the police got 25 million Icelandic krona to investigate prostitution.