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Uni.e.s pour un monde libéré de l'exploitation sexuelle !

Evénements et initiatives

3 Aug
Yazidi solidarity: Commemoration of Yazidi genocide - International

On 3 August, CAP Intl stood in solidarity in remembrance of the third year since the Yazidi genocide. The day …

25 Jul
Strategic meeting with South African member Embrace Dignity - UK

From 25-26 July, CAP International met with its member organisation in South Africa, Embrace Dignity, and strategic partners Equality Now …

18 Jul
Israel takes a historic step towards the elimination of the economic and sexual exploitation of women and girls in prostitution - International

CAP international strongly welcomes the Israeli Government’s decision to approve two parliamentary bills aimed at criminalising the purchase of sex …

23 Jun
New York: Remarks by Ruchira Gupta, Founder, Apne Aap, regarding United Nations Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons - USA

Remarks by Ruchira Gupta, Founder, Apne Aap, at the informal interactive multi-stakeholder hearing in support of the preparatory process towards …

21 Jun
Using the Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons and the Sustainable Development Goals to end the Scourge of Trafficking in Women and Girls - USA

Organised by our strategic partners, Equality Now and Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, and including a presentation by Ruchira Gupta, …

13 Jun
Malta: CAP presents at international conference on modern slavery - Malta

On 13-14 June, CAP International and its members Women@thewell (UK), Comision Unidos vs Trata (Mexico) and Fondation Scelles (France) presented …

31 May
Brussels: meeting with Equality Now - Belgium

CAP International will be meeting with its strategic partner, Equality Now, on the margins of the EU Civil Society Platform …

22 May
Beirut: domestic advocacy support with KAFA - Lebanon

From 22-24 May, CAP and its Lebanese member organisation KAFA collaborated on domestic advocacy strategies and met with key interlocutors …

9 May
Mexico City: meeting with Reuters on human trafficking and prostitution - Mexico

On 9 May, Marta Torres, CAP Development Advisor for Latin America, presented on human trafficking and prostitution in Latin America.

8 May
Stockholm: CAP Intl meets with civil society, law enforcement & decision-makers - Sweden

From 8-11 May 2017, CAP International met with Swedish civil society, law enforcement and decision makers to exchange on best …

27 Apr
Loi française du 13 avril 2016 visant à renforcer la lutte contre le système prostitutionnel et à accompagner les personnes prostituées: Principes, objectifs, mesures et processus d’adoption d’une loi historique. - International

Un an après l’adoption de la loi abolitionniste française sur la prostitution, CAP International lance une publication décrivant les principes, …

27 Apr
New-York: CAP Intl à CSW61 - USA

“Prostitution can never be regarded as a job. Prostitution is exploitation.” Swedish Minister Asa Regner, United Nations Security Council, applauded …