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30 March 2018: Videos: members and partners share their experiences at CSW

23 February 2018: CSW62: Flyers to download, events to look out for

19 January 2018: Happy 2018: Annual Report and tools from our members

1 December 2017: Progress from the decriminalisation front: strides to end the criminalisation of victims of prostitution in Colombia and South Africa

3 November 2017: October: Domestic advocacy toward French President Macron, in Lithuania, South Africa and beyond…

20 October 2017: Newsletter de CAP Intl – edición española 2017

28 September 2017: VIDEO: In UK, female trade union delegates stand up against system of prostitution

08 September 2017: Support Pimping of Prostitution book launch & download new CAP paper in Korean/English

03 August 2017: Read and download 50+ abolitionist responses to UN Women’s consultation on prostitution

20 July 2017: Israel takes a historic step towards the elimination of the economic and sexual exploitation of women and girls in prostitution

14 June 2017: 22 frontline organisations in 17 countries: meet the newest members of CAP Intl!

01 June 2017: New website: explore news, resources and introductions to our members

12 April 2017: 937 sex buyer arrests:read how France has effectively shifted the burden in one year

30 March 2017: April Updates: « Prostitution can never be regarded as a job. Prostitution is exploitation. »

08 March 2017: March Updates: CAP Intl events at CSW61 

01 March 2017: February Updates: Last Girl First Summary report, CSW61, new frontline members join CAP Intl, Ireland passes abolitionist legislation!

03 February 2017: January Updates: At Second World Congress Against the Sexual Exploitation of Women & Girls, 400 delegates say we must put the #LastGirlFirst

21 December 2016: December Updates: reflecting on 2016

08 December 2016: November Updates: Register for New Delhi congress & sign a petition to enact the Equality Law

29 November 2016: Invitation: Second World Congress Against the Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls

09 November 2016: November Updates: Bring survivors, youth, frontline NGOs & other activists together to talk about sexual exploitation of the marginalised « last girl »

28 October 2016: October Updates: New members, Nadia Murad & Lilies of the Street

10 October 2016: October Updates: ending demand in Mexico and beyond

28 September 2016: Last Girl First Congress 2017: save the date

22 September 2016: WATCH & SHARE: Award-winning #EndDemand campaign confronts sex buyers with reality

07 September 2016: September Updates: podcasts, useful resources & a packed calendar

25 July 2016: Summer Updates: hosting an abolitionist conference in India & behind the scenes at CAP International

10 June 2016: May Updates: infographics on France’s prostitution law, our Facebook debut, & news from our members on the frontline

04 May 2016: April Updates: CSW60, French abolitionist law, new publications and more