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Uni.e.s pour un monde libéré de l'exploitation sexuelle !

Book launch: Pimping of Prostitution

On 27 September, renowned investigative journalist and feminist activist Julie Bindel will be launching her latest book, The Pimping of Prostitution: Abolishing the Sex Work Myth.
Based on more than 250 interviews with the people involved in and affected by prostitution around the world – from trafficked women to legal brothel owners to the men who drive demand – this book uncovers the lies, mythology and criminality that shroud this global trade, and suggests a way forward for the activists seeking to abolish prostitution.
We are looking for individuals and groups who could support domestic book launches, for these findings to be shared widely amongst the international abolitionist community. 
Interested in supporting the book launch in your country this autumn? Email us at contact@cap-international.org (or by replying directly to this email).
For additional information on The Pimping of Prostitution, read the official press statement and several recently-published related articles:
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