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Uni.e.s pour un monde libéré de l'exploitation sexuelle !

#MeToo and Prostitution: Survivors of the Sex Trade Break Silence!

Survivors of the Sex Trade Break Silence

Friday 23 November
7pm to 9.30pm

Room Jean Dame, Paris 2ème arrondissement
EN-FR interpretation

CAP intl, SPACE intl, Mouvement du Nid and Osez le Féminisme ! organise in Paris a world première event dedicated to “#MeToo and prostitution”, where survivors of the sex trade will break the silence on the daily and inherent violence of the prostitution system.

The event will help to understand that prostitution is part of a continuum of sexual violence and abuse and cannot be dissociated from other forms of sexual abuses which are growingly being exposed and denounced in the context of #MeToo.

Together with Ashley Judd, co-host and keynote speaker of the event, the organizers will moderate an outstanding panel of speakers and will provide a space for new survivors to speak out for the first time.

Co-host, keynote speaker and moderator

Ashley Judd:  Feminist social justice humanitarian, activist, actress, author. Me Too key figure and founding member of Time’s Up.


Rachel Moran: Feminist and abolitionist activist, Founder of SPACE intl (Survivors of Prostitution Abuse Calling for Enlightment), and author of best seller “Paid For – My Journey Through prostitution”.

Mickey Meji: Abolitionist leader and founder of KWANELE, the first sex trade survivors movement in South Africa, advocacy director for Embrace Dignity.

Rosen Hicher: Abolitionist activist. Initiated and walked 800 kms’  for the Marche de Rosen pour l’abolition de la prostitution. Co-founder of the Mouvement français des Survivantes de la prostitution. Trainer in French « John schools ».

Anne Darbes: Author of the autobiographical novel, « Le visage de l’autre », Anne Darbes has been affected by prostitution as a man, and later on, as a woman.

Ruchira Gupta: Awarded journalist and leading feminist and abolitionist activist, founder and president of the Indian abolitionist movement Apne Aap. Board member of CAP international.

Co-organizers and moderators

Grégoire Théry, co-founder and director of CAP intl

Claire Quidet, Board member and spokesperson of Mouvement du Nid

Celine Piques and Raphaëlle Rémy-Leleu, spokespersons of Osez le Féminisme !



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Only registered participants will have access to the conference room. IDs and press cards will be checked at the entrance.